#SelfHelpBookReview '5 Second Rule' by Mel Robbins

#SelfHelpBookReview '5 Second Rule' by Mel Robbins

Welcome to my 4th instalment of #SelfHelpBookReview and for this month I have decided to review ‘The 5 Second Rule’ by Mel Robins. This was suggested to me by Emma a life coach I had a few months ago for the Confidence Course I completed to help stop procrastinating and build confidence.

For this month I decided to buy this as an audiobook and I am really glad I did. Mel’s voice is easy to listen to and you cannot help soak in everything she says about ‘The 5-second rule’. Her energy and passion shines through while she narrates and keeps you listening.



How to enrich your life and destroy doubt in five seconds.

Throughout your life, you've had parents, coaches, teachers, friends, and mentors who have pushed you to be better than your excuses and bigger than your fears. What if the secret to having the confidence and courage to enrich your life and work is simply knowing how to push yourself?

Using the science of habits, riveting stories, and surprising facts from some of the most famous moments in history, art, and business, Mel Robbins will explain the power of a "push moment". Then, she'll give you one simple tool you can use to become your greatest self. It takes just five seconds to use this tool, and every time you do you'll be in great company. More than eight million people have watched Mel's TEDx Talk, and executives inside of the world's largest brands are using the tool to increase productivity, collaboration, and engagement.

In The 5 Second Rule, you'll discover it takes just five seconds to:

  • Become confident
  • Break the habit of procrastination and self-doubt
  • Beat fear and uncertainty
  • Stop worrying and feel happier
  • Share your ideas with courage

 The 5 Second Rule is a simple, one-size-fits-all solution for the one problem we all face - we hold ourselves back.

The secret isn't knowing what to do - it's knowing how to make yourself do it.


When I started listening to this book I could not turn it off. All together it was 7 hours and 35 minutes long and I soaked up every bit of it and I felt like I was in a conversation with a friend.

Mel Robins shares a useful tool that will help in all areas of my life. The 5 second rule can help increase productivity, combat procrastination and step out of the comfort zone. She describes how she came up with the rule, why it works, how to use it and how it has impacted not only her life but the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

So the short version of the 5-second rule is:

  • As soon as you get the feeling that you should do something
  • Count backwards 5-4-3-2-1
  • Then take action!

The countdown shifts your mindset, fires up your pre-frontal cortex, interrupts your habit of over thinking and acts as a ‘starting ritual’ that opens the door to action. Mel explains how she came across the rule when she was going through a really tough time and struggled to get out of bed in the mornings. One night she noticed a commercial on TV that showed a rocket launch 5-4-3-2-1-GO. She thought it was stupid at first, but the next morning she decided to launch herself out of bed, just like a rocket. After counting down from 5 she stood up and that’s how she discovered the 5-second rule and it changed everything.

Mel spreads the awareness of the rule and says “If you have an impulse to act on a goal you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill the idea’ I know that in the past this has happened to me for example when I should say something or ask for an opportunity the moment arises but something holds me back and I stay quiet.

What I liked about the book is Mel backs up this rule with research and science which is very interesting and explains why this actually works. Mel shares a lot of real-life examples where this rule has helped many people change their lives and I really liked this aspect. However, when reading the book some people have said the constant stream of ‘social proof’ broke up the flow of the text and made it hard to follow. This wasn’t my experience probably because I was listening to Mel narrate the book and felt it flowed well.

I feel like the book could have been a bit shorter because in essence the rule is very simple but I liked the science behind it and examples that helped me put the rule into practice. I have done this a few times when I have woken up more exhausted than I have gone to bed and my alarm goes off but I feel like going back to sleep I have 5-4-3-2-1-GO and I’m up. Where I need to put this into practice more is for me to rest. I find I work all the time and recently I have been implementing this rule to have set times to rest.


I highly recommend this book for anybody who struggles with procrastination or not following through with ideas. This rule has helped me so much already completing my work and taking a rest. I find if I apply this rule throughout the day I get more done and then my aim is to stop working completely at 5. This is still a work in progress but I am trying to make this my new routine. I have mentioned this rule to Steve and even he has said it has worked for his procrastination with the housework.

If anybody has read this book I would love to hear what you thought about it. I was pleasantly surprised how easy this rule works and I can see the positive changes already.

About the Author


Mel Robbins is a social entrepreneur, best-selling author, internationally recognised social media influencer and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world. She began her career as a criminal defence attorney in New York City then launched and sold several companies and hosted TV and radio programs for A&E, FOX and CNN. Mel loves speaking to large audiences and delivers action inspiring keynote speeches and workshops at large business conventions and leadership conferences. She also hosts leadership and training programs.

Written by : Rachel Jury

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