Coloplast SenSura Mio Concave Review

Coloplast SenSura Mio Concave Review

I am so excited that Steve and I can officially talk about this product. Steve trialled this last summer and loved it. He was then asked to do a testimonial video in October. He mentioned to the team that I wanted to trial the product, since I have a hernia and prolapse, and they sent some samples out to me in December. We were then asked if we wanted to do a lifestyle shoot in Gran Canaria about how we met, our story and the new product. The experience was amazing, we loved every minute of it and it was the first time we have been abroad since our surgery. Hopefully, the film will be out soon. 

So, let’s get back to talking about the NEW Coloplast SenSura Mio Concave In this post, I will talk about the product, provide links to request samples and my thoughts about it.

So what is the SenSura Mio Concave pouch?

SenSura Mio Concave 1

This is a brand-new design for anybody that has an ‘outward body shape’ this could be if there is a hernia or bulges around the stoma. When I first heard this phrase, I felt quite defensive saying I didn’t have an outward body shape but when I let the words sink in I think it is quite gentle and covers an outward shape for many reasons.  In reality, I do have an ‘outward body shape’ with my parastomal hernia and prolapse.

The problems some ostomates have when they have a hernia or bulges is having channels, kinks and puckering in the adhesive because it does not fit well around a hernia. Also, the edges may lift off because it needs to fit over this curved area. A good analogy I can use is if you had to wrap a football in paper this would not fit well and there would be kinks, channels and lifting. So this concave product is the first of its kind and is specifically designed so this doesn’t occur.

This product comes as a closed pouch, drainable pouch (different sizes) and is also available for urostomies. I am glad the concave is offered to all stoma types.

The base plate is star-shaped and curved. In essence, designed like a starfish grabbing a stone. The concave uses the 'Body Fit' technology that Coloplast use in all of their mio pouches.

SenSura Mio Concave 9

A hernia and bulges are dynamic and can move so the stoma changes position during the day. Movement can put a strain on the adhesive and skin. Therefore, the design of the concave takes this into consideration and is stable, flexible and comfortable.

The design has a stable and solid centre with the adhesive getting more flexible the further it is from the centre. It works in the same way as a tree needs a strong centre then as you move out the branches become more flexible. This is how the concave works and there is a ring in the centre to provide that strong support and stability. Ultimately helping to achieve a great seal, better body fit and minimising the formation of canals and kinks in the adhesive. Please watch the video   'Designed for stomas on curved area'  for an in-depth description of why this is designed this way.

What did I think of the product?

My first thoughts when I received the pouches could have been confusion because the base plate looked like it was the wrong way around. However, Steve talked me through it and showed me how it worked. I liked that the bag was the same as the Coloplast SenSura Mio Convex with the only difference being the base plate. The booklet that comes with it explains how to apply the base plate. 

It is the most comfortable pouch I have ever tried in the terms of fitting around a hernia. It felt secure and supportive. When I first trailed it I realised I would need to use a seal or ring because at night my stoma goes flush to the skin. Once I made this change I can leave it on now for 2/3 days. Also, I know that this design will not make my prolapse worse. Before this, I used a convex which is not ideal for a large prolapse but I found the flatter bags just got pulled off.


  • It fit around my hernia like a glove, felt comfortable and extremely secure.

SenSura Mio Concave 7

  • There were no wrinkles or canals in the adhesive which sometimes I used to get with my other pouch. It was smooth and gripped well around my hernia which is a quarter of a melon in size.
  • The adhesive is thicker and feels secure. Due to the thickness, I warm the base plate under my arm before I apply the pouch and this helps it stick better for me. However, Steve used to always warm his previous pouches to help with the adhesion but with this pouch, he just pops it on and presses it down.
  • I felt it moves with my body and as my hernia and stoma changes sizes and my the pouch moves with it.


  • I need a slight convexity at night when my prolapse goes in but I found the Brava protective Seal with this pouch works perfectly for me with base plate extenders.
  • There are no hooks for a belt. I tend to not wear a belt but for some ostomates that have a hernia they like this support, so this may suit if you like having a belt.


This product is a ‘game changer’ in the stoma world and is the first of its design purely for anybody with an ‘outward body shape’

I found the concave feels so comfortable and secure around my hernia. I really love this product and find to add a slight convexity the protective seal works well for this. However, some ostomates that may need more and may find this product may not be for them. It is worth requesting a sample and contacting the amazing team at Coloplast who can advise if this happens and suggest any supportive products. I believe this product will help lots of people who have been struggling to find a pouch to fit their hernias. From the 1st of April, this went on the drugs tariff and soon will be available on prescription.

I would just like to end with a comment from Steve sharing his thoughts about the SenSura Mio Concave:

“ From the moment I first trialled the Mio Concave, it fitted my hernia a treat! I can honestly say I’ve had absolutely no leaks at all. I have swum, weight trained, ran and cycled with no problems. I don’t need any other supporting products just the bag alone works for me. My confidence has been restored in stoma pouches as I have had previous leaks with other bags. I no longer wear a band at night, in fear of little ‘surprises’ I shall be sticking with this amazing product.”                                                                                                                                           [Steve Cartmail]

Written by : Rachel Jury

Mio Convex, no Flex version
I need to use a 2-piece bag so sampled the Click version. I too found that putting the baseplate on was easy, it fitted well, and felt secure and comfortable. It even felt secure when I lay down and my stomach flattened.
The things I didn’t like;
I cut my own, and as the baseplate is stiffer in the middle, this made it more difficult to cut accurately than the standard.
I usually use the Mio Flex which I found wrinkles around the edge but the concave version doesn’t come as a Flex version and I found that because of the click mechanism and the belt hooks, the bag is bulky.
I have given feedback to Coloplast but was told that a flex version stands proud around the edges. I have the flat version but if you have a bulge on the tummy, the flat version also stands proud around the edge. I find this no problem and when I require it to be flattened I just wear a support garment.
I would not hesitate to use the concave version if it was available as a Flex, hopefully one day.

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