Confidence for Success Course

Confidence for Success Course

I have always struggled with confidence, in particular, trusting my gut instinct and trusting decisions I have made. I can see how much this has held me back so on the 4th February 2018 I took part in a 30-day course called ‘Confidence for Success’ by the amazing life coach Emma Dawson.

Last year on Facebook Emma’s sponsored advertisement popped up on my page and I was intrigued. So I liked Emma’s Facebook Page and I joined her Facebook group "Bring Your Dreams to Life" I found the group was very inspiring and I loved Emma’s live chats. I quickly realised regarding my blog and the advocating I do that sometimes I lack confidence and doubt myself. When Emma advertised this course something spoke to me and I decided to enrol to build and nurture my confidence.

Confidence For Success Course

Over the 30 days the programme worked on helping:

  • Get clarity on the confident version of ‘me’ and who I REALLY wanted to be.
  • Reconnect with my authentic self.
  • Uncover the truth about my fears and learn how they can actually serve me.
  • Dig deep to discover what has been holding my confidence back so I can break free from it.
  • Start building new confidence habits.
  • Uncover the traps I usually fall into and how to avoid them.
  • Use tools and strategies to help step out of my comfort zone with ease.
  • Create a plan to utilise my new found confidence and how I can live life my way.

This involved two live workshops a week lasting roughly an hour for each one over 4 weeks. In total there were 8 workshops including a 1-2-1 session at the end. I did the course with another lovely and inspiring lady who was in a similar position to me regarding her confidence. I liked the fact we did this together because I learnt a lot from her answers. The workshops were split into topics and these were:

Workshop 1              -          Mindset

Workshop 2             -          Vision

Workshop 3             -          Goals

Workshop 4             -          Values

Workshop 5             -          Beliefs (this was 1-2-1)

Workshop 6             -          Fears

Workshop 7             -          Habits

Workshop 8             -          A 1-2-1 session with Emma creating a plan.

What did I think of the course?

Confidence For Success 4

This is the first course I have taken part in to help work on my confidence and I was not disappointed. I cannot believe how different I feel in 30 days and how much I have learnt how my mindset and beliefs can hold me back. In one of Emmas’s email she said regarding the course:

“It's time to leave the awkward, fearful, self-doubting, self-critical version of you behind and become the strong, resilient, confident woman you've always wanted to be.”

I can honestly say I believe I have been given the tools to become that strong, resilient and confident person I have always wanted to be. I learnt that confidence is a skill that needs to be practised. The first session was about this and we had to answer some questions about what we would like and where we are now. This session also involved an awesome visualisation exercise that helped me visualise the ‘confident’ me.

Early on we had to set a goal that we wanted to achieve but something was holding us back. My goal was to write a blog post about not have children called ‘My non-mum status’ for months I have procrastinated around writing this post and this was one of the goals I wanted to achieve. I have applied all of Emma’s tools and suggestions and I am happy to say that I have actually started this post, which is huge progress.

I have been standing up for myself more and trying to implement everything I was taught. I feel different I guess I finally have found some confidence in myself and will continue to work on this.

I would recommend the course to anybody who is struggling with confidence either in their business or just in yourself. This course was not free but I feel the benefits I have taken out of this course far exceed the price. I saw it as a little investment for myself to help improve my confidence that will help manifest the opportunities.

“Confidence isn’t the lack of fear, it's learning to take action in the face of fear!”



Written by : Rachel Jury

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