Product Review of CUI Wear Swimwear

Spring is in the air and it won’t be long before I am back down the beach again. Although I mainly wear bikinis I do like to have all in one swimsuit as well so I have an option. There are many options available from a range of ostomy companies and non-ostomy companies.

So I was intrigued to see that CUI Wear – a supplier of ostomy and hernia support garments not only offer hernia support belts (which I already have) but also do a few other items. One of these is the ladies swimwear product which comes in an electric blue, all in one, with discretionary ruching around the abdomen and an internal pouch.

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I decided to try out the item and went to my local swimming attempting a few lengths and having a cheeky sauna.

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This is what I thought of the product:


  • I really like the right colour of the bathes
  • I liked the back was quite low but stayed on my shoulders when I swam
  • My pouches were discreetly covered


  • I felt the style was a bit old fashioned
  • The internal pouch is not quite big enough for my urostomy pouch so I didn’t put them in this

I will use this product again because my pouches did feel secure when I swam but I will probably keep this for the pool and not really for the beach. Here is the link if anybody is interested in having a look.

There are quite a few options these days regarding swimwear for ostomates my suggestion is to look around and see what you prefer. We all like things slightly different so I think it is really good that different companies offer a selection of designs.

Thank you again for reading, I am hoping to manage my time better and get back to posting a bit more regularly than I have done.

*I was gifted this item*

Written by : Rachel Jury

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