My Experience of the #FabAwards18

My Experience of the #FabAwards18

You may have seen from my social media channels that last week I attended an awards ceremony in London #FabAwards18 by the Academy of Fabulous NHS Stuff

So what is the Academy of Fab Stuff and what were the awards about?

The Academy of Fab NHS Stuff is a social movement for sharing Health & Social Care ideas, services and solutions that work. They celebrate best practice in the NHS by sharing QI (Quality Improvement) projects so other trusts can adopt similar ideas by sharing the good stuff. You can follow here on twitter!

I was honoured to be approached to run the social media channels for Fab which has a very large following and I must say I have really enjoyed doing this. I am learning so much about projects in other trusts and meeting some truly inspiring and passionate individuals working in the NHS who want to improve things for patients.


There have been 4 #FabAwards and this year since the NHS is 70 years old the theme was 1948 in a very apt venue Billingsgate Vaults, London.

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I must say everybody looked incredible and it was like stepping back into time. This is my favourite era so I was super excited to dress up and meet many awesome people I know from Twitter and celebrate the good stuff in the NHS.

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The venue was perfect for the theme and when I stepped into the vaults I couldn’t help but gasp and be transported back and pondered on life during the blitz. The attention to detail was phenomenal!! I first met Jane who looked amazing in her 40s midwife outfit who was lovely and supportive to me throughout the day. Roy Lilley found me who looked very smart in his admiral outfit and we then found the legend Terri the Director of Academy of fab stuff who I knew from my Coloplast work and is a stoma nurse. Terri was wearing the old nursing uniform as well armed with the hat and looked the part. I couldn’t help but be reminded of my Gran who worked as a nurse during and after the war.

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Soon the vaults started to fill up and the band downstairs started to play 40’s music. The atmosphere was electric and lots of people were swinging on the dance floor. I will give a shout out to Paul (stoma care nurse) who attended on behalf of Coloplast and Gerald who sat opposite me. We had a giggle when we realised the teapot wasn’t herbal tea and after Paul taking a big swig realised it was a gin punch! The lunch was all in a picnic box and was lovely.

 The #FabAwards18 began about 1.30 and Roy the founder of the social movement stood up and gave a heartfelt speech “This awards ceremony is sharing what you do best and is for you”. Terri also gave a speech and got me to stand up for a few seconds to say thank you for running the social media channels and for breaking twitter during #FabChange70. We then had some amazing singers on stage called ‘The Femmes’

Then the awards actually kicked off and it was really humbling seeing the reactions of the winners. You can see a list of all the winners and shortlistees here!

In-between the awards we had a few performances. One was an incredibly funny hula-hooper who called herself (Annie Bevan daughter of Nye just for the day). Another was a gentleman juggler and a funny magician. We also had some speeches from Simon Stephens (Chief Executive of NHS England), Dr Phil Hammond (who was great) and Professor Jane Cummings (Chief Nursing Officer for England and Executive Director at NHS England).

So as a patient advocate…how did I feel?

Incredibly humbled and grateful! The NHS has saved my life many times over and I would not be here without it or able to afford my care. Seeing all these incredible workers from all divisions and job roles celebrating the good stuff made me feel like I am part of a big family that is united as one.

This was for them…all the staff that have helped improve patients lives and continue to look at enhancing care with projects and innovations.

For me, running the social media I get to learn lots about QI projects in other trusts but more than that…it allows me to give back and say thank you for everything that they do.

This was my first Fab awards and I loved it! I am excited to see what opportunities come and to be involved with Fab more – sharing best practice in the NHS. As you know being an ex NHS Therapy Radiographer myself this means a lot to now be around other healthcare professionals but from a patient perspective in a different capacity.

Thank you to Roy Lilley, Terri Porret, Jon Wilks, Jane Douthwaite and to all the sponsors who without their input this awards ceremony would not be free for attendees!

Written by : Rachel Jury

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