Flu Jab - Why Was I Resistant?

Flu Jab - Why Was I Resistant?

To be honest I don’t really know this answer!

All I know is one year I had the flu jab and ended up very poorly and in hospital, since then I had been avoiding getting it done and my septic admissions seem to fall during this time. However, there probably were times of better health I could have had this done.

However, this year was different and on Monday I went and got this done.

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I realised actually how selfish it was NOT having the flu jab and how it could be dangerous to others let alone myself.

I have always been concerned by not knowing what is actually in the vaccine and when I worked in the NHS I used to have the flu jab every year without fail, we had to. However, since leaving the NHS why did I avoid getting this done?

I think a lot of it was over the last few years I have been very poorly and not had many gaps between the septic bouts or kidney infections so there wasn’t a big window to have this done. In my defence, when I went to have it last year I was told I couldn’t because I was on antibiotics.

Last week, I read 'Stoma in a Teacup' Facebook post about the flu jab and it spurred me on to get this done! Also, Bournemouth Hospital on Twitter are also highlighting the importance of the vaccine and since I am working closely now with Bournemouth hospital I do not want to put others at risk because I didn’t get this done.

Here, is a link to read more about the flu vaccine if you were like me and weren't too sure…

Again, I urge anybody who has a compromised immune system to have the vaccine or if you are around anybody who is immune suppressed.

I was impressed that the pharmacy in my GP surgery actually did the vaccine and you could walk in with no appointment. I also found out there were 2 vaccines one for under 65 and one for older than 65. Its seems my surgery, in particular, are finding it difficult to get the over 65 vaccines and there seems to be a few weeks delay.

Have you had your flu jab?

Rachel x



Written by : Rachel Jury

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