Comfizz Double Layer Boxer Review

Comfizz Double Layer Boxer Review

I have been itching to write this review for almost a year when I purchased this item but when I was about to publish this post they were all sold out. So, now they are back in stock it is the perfect opportunity to post this review about the 'Comfizz Double Layer Stoma Support Boxer'

What is it?

This is a boxer that has two layers and provides a level 2 support which is great for hernia prevention and discretion. There are 2 holes each side and the bags go through the hole keeping them off the skin. A second layer is then pulled over this for added support. You don’t have to have 2 stomas to buy this item.

The boxer is made from lycra which provides flexibility and Coolmax is used for superior moisture to draw sweat away allowing the skin to breathe.

My First Thoughts

At first, I was slightly confused! I had never really seen a product like this and one which included double ostomates. I felt proud that we now had an item and I was excited to try them! Regarding support wear, I have always preferred boxers because for me they feel more secure and supportive.

How did I get on with the product?

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As soon as I tried it on I loved it! The bags went through the hole no problem and the second layer that came over and didn’t feel too tight. It felt supportive to my hernia and not too tight for my large prolapsed ileostomy.

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  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Very discrete even with my ileostomy prolapse and hernia.
  • My bags don’t rub on my thighs (sometimes the urostomy tap can do this). I can still move and the lycra is flexible. It feels supportive without being too tight.
  • I have had no leaks from my stomas when wearing this boxer.
  • Sizes go from small to 2XL.
  • It is now on prescription! Personally, I pay for my support wear and will pay for my second item but this will be helpful for other ostomates.


  • The holes have frayed slightly but bear in mind I have worn them nearly every day for 10 months.


I am a huge fan of this item and this is the first double layer product I have tried. They are very comfortable and I would highly recommend for double ostomates. I can’t get over how comfortable and supportive they are.

[I have not been paid for this review and I have purchased the product myself.]


Written by : Rachel Jury

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