Flying On My Own

Flying On My Own

I mentioned in last week’s blog post about achieving another personal goal on the 17th-18th October flying to Copenhagen on my own.

Now, I am not really a fan of flying. I tend to get very nervous and don’t particularly like all the sounds on the plane. It is so surreal to think up until this year I put off going abroad because of my stomas and regular septic admissions and now I have been abroad quite a few times. Please read this post for some more practical tips when flying with a stoma (or 2).

I went to the Capital markets Day in Copenhagen where I was asked to talk about my story and the products I use. I was looking forward to it but if I am honest I was slightly nervous about the prospect of flying on my own. I tend to lose things so when I have been with Steve he has looked after my passport. During this trip I think I must have checked my passport about 50 times!

Flying to Copenhagen

I flew from Birmingham and checked in online, handed my suitcase in and made my way to security. I wasn’t really that nervous about this because I haven’t beeped on all the other occasions and I have found the more I have flown the easier going through security has become.

I was quite early so I had a Costa and read my book ready for the boarding. I sat there feeling quite proud. I was at the gate for a little while until we started boarding the plane and the anxiety started as I saw how small the plane was. I sat in my seat and then a lovely lady sat next to me. We started chatting and I think she could tell I was nervous. She was so kind and because we were having a great conversation I was distracted with the taking off. That lady helped me more than she will ever know. The flight was about 2 hours and it was really smooth. My stomas were fine I emptied before the flight so did not use the toilet during the flight. I said my goodbye to the lady and made my way to collect my suitcase and felt like I had achieved something.

Flying On My Own 2

I took a taxi to Coloplast headquarters to rehearse my interview on stage which went well, met Thalia Skye again and in the evening had food with the lovely Anne-Marie. Tuesday was the event and my talk on stage with Denis went really well. I got a taxi back to the airport about 3 to catch my flight at 5.50

Flying back

I was very tired but I felt I had accomplished something. The schedule was very tight but I felt I did a good job and at the airport I made my way to check in. They are very helpful at Copehangen airport and I was asked if I needed help with my crutch which I accepted. Security again was a breeze apart from a query over my battery charger which looks like a chilli bottle! I took this out of my bag this time but I could see them pointing at the TV but when they worked out what it was the security guy looked at me and laughed. This was a present from Steve but maybe I need a non bottle looking charger for future trips!

The flight was quite turbulent due to the storm but I listened to Steve’s mp3 player and read my book. I managed to breathe into it and it wasn’t long before we touched down.

Flying On My Own 3

Not once did I worry about my stomas or think they would leak. It just felt like I was on the train but quicker!

I have mentioned it before but I wish all those years ago when the fear stopped me flying and travelling that I just took that leap and went for it. Now, that I have flown on my own I really feel that the world is my oyster!

Rachel x

Written by : Rachel Jury

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