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Welcome! My name is Rachel I am 35 and I live with 2 stoma bags, An ileostomy and a urostomy

This blog is an open and honest account of my journey with 2 stoma bags.

Through spreading my story and baring all I hope to inspire, empower and support fellow ostomates to do the same and ROCK IT. My aim is to make publicly aware that ostomys or stomas are not just formed. My vision is to create a community of Fellow ostomates that ALL have different types of stomas. By supporting and identifying with each other we share our experience, strength and hope. Together we can strive to actively promote the awareness of urostomies and achieve the same amount of recognition that colostomy and ileostomies have.

Urostomy Awareness

Over the last few years something magnificent has happened! There has been a lot of coverage in the media lately about ‘Ostomy’s.’ Ostomates are people sharing their stories and fabulous pictures and proudly flashing their stoma bags.

This warms my heart so much to know that the stigma surrounding stoma bags and Ostomy surgery is finally being addressed and changing the public’s perspective about stomas for the better; spreading a message of hope and acceptance to be proud of your stoma bags and that you can still live an amazing happy life with one!

National Diversity Awards 2018

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