My Review of Pelican Platinum UROSTOMY Convex Pouch

My Review of Pelican Platinum UROSTOMY Convex Pouch

Week 3 of #everyhingstomas  and #bagroulette. This week I have been sampling the Pelican Platinum Urostomy Pouch for 7 days I used 2 pouches and the Pelican 1.5 litre night bag at night.

Initially, I was given Ileostomy pouches after requesting urostomy pouches but I called Pelican customer services and they were very apologetic and sent me out the Urostomy Convex pouches the next day.

I received 2 types of this pouch. One with the tap and one with the bung.

I received 2 types of this Pelican Platinum Urostomy Convex Pouch. One with the tap and one with the bung.

Pelican 10           Pelican 5


This secure tap is an “anti-drip” moulded stopper. The red and green markers allow Urostomates to see if the tap is open or closed.

Pelican 2


The bung is soft and flexible allowing for a controlled flow when emptying.

Pelican 7

The night bag fits perfectly with the Pelican pouch. The only negative is the bag is 1500l and I prefer 2l capacity because I drink a lot and subsequently drain a lot.

pelican 30


  • I don’t normally like taps on pouches and usually prefer bungs but this one was brilliant. I actually preferred the tap. It was easy to use and the flow was fast
  • The contoured skin protector and 6 flutes allow for a more secure and snug fit. I had no leaks at all and I even forgot I was wearing a bag.
  • I was impressed that after 4 days the base plate was still intact and the raised part of the convex showed some deterioration. Urine is acidic and can eat away the baseplates more than an Ileostomy and Colostomy. I was surprised how well the base plate lasted.

Pelican 15

  • The pouch is made from a silky soft fabric for comfort and discretion. Split fabric backing allows there to be a window for placing the stoma.
  • The bag has an advanced integrated hydrocolloid in the vita-derm foamed backing and my skin was perfect. The soft convex even got rid of the ring around my stoma from my Coloplast hard convex pouch.
  • The convex base plate conformed to my body well with a hernia on the other side.
  • It didn't feel too heavy when full


  • I was slightly confused with the green and red spot on the tap and I got slightly wet. The green means closed and the red means open.
  • After 4 days the Fabric started to fray. So I changed the pouch and tried the one with the bung for 3 days


I was really surprised how well I got on with this pouch. It looked good the adhesive was so comfortable with the foam backing and I had no leaks. I liked this pouch so much that I would swap pouches now if I didn't have my Ileostomy and I prefer to have the bags and colour matching.  Pleasantly surprised and it even got rid of my small circle imprint from the hard convex pouch. I would definitely recommend this pouch to other Urostomates.

Written by : Rachel Jury

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