My Review of the Salts Confidence Convex Urostomy Pouch

My Review of the Salts Confidence Convex Urostomy Pouch

Part of this month’s challenge for July on “The IBD and Ostomy Support Show” we are reviewing different manufacturer pouches. Last week I reviewed CliniMed Welland Aura Convex Urostomy pouch and night bag which I really liked apart from the 2nd day my skin feeling a bit itchy I would definitely recommend this product.

So this week I will be reviewing:


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 Salts Confidence Convex Urostomy Pouch with Connectors

My samples arrived 6 days after I requested them. I was really impressed that they included the connectors for night time drainage.

 Salts Pouch 4           Salts Pouch 5

 This is what Salts says about this pouch:

“A convex pouch with even more flexibility and softness. Confidence Convex Supersoft incorporates a soft, flexible wafer with a gentle profile for increased comfort.

Salts Pouch 2    Salts Pouch 3


 Salts Pouch 8

  • The hydrocolloid wafer with ‘high tack’ adhesive is AMAZING and felt very secure. After 3 days I changed the pouch but the adhesive was so good I could have left it on for longer.
  • Not once was I a bit concerned that the pouch would ‘peel’ or ‘fall’ off
  • There is an inspection window which is good for placement (The Coloplast SenSura Mio Urostomy pouch does not have this window)
  • In my opinion, the Base Plate adhesive was better than the Welland Aura Urostomy Convex Pouch.
  • The Salts Confidence Pouch has a tap, which I am not a fan of, however, the tap is more hygienic than a bung.


  • I found the tap was too slow and the urine just trickled out. Also, there was no indication of when the tap was open or closed. At first I was confused and luckily guessed the right way so avoided an accident. It would be better if the tap was annotated when it is open.
  • The pouch puckered at the bottom when a quarter full.

Salts Pouch 7

  • I wasn’t a fan of the plastic they have used and found the bag rustled a lot and sounded cheap.
  • When the pouch was only half full it felt really heavy and the bag felt like it was dragging down. Much heavier than the Coloplast SenSura MIO Urostomy Pouch that is designed to distribute the weight evenly.
  • This has never happened to me with a Urostomy for the 2 years I have had it but I discovered quite a lot of gas in the bag. I get this issue a lot with my Ileostomy.
  • The tap is in the front of the pouch which was bulky and the position of the tap makes it more visible under clothing.
  • The connector did not fit on the Welland night bag which, to be honest, I, didn’t think it would. However, it also did not fit securely on my spare undrainable night bags that I took on holiday with me.


Overall I don’t think I would try this pouch again. The adhesive was amazing and I was pleasantly surprised but that in itself does not outweigh the negatives.  I understand that some people use this pouch and love it. This is only my personal opinion and we are all individual. What works best for me, may not work best for you.  



Written by : Rachel Jury

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