My Review of Welland Aura Urostomy Pouch and Welland Night Bag

My Review of Welland Aura Urostomy Pouch and Welland Night Bag

In my previous blog posts last week I explained ‘How to order Ostomy samples and ordered a few samples from a few Companies.

For the first week of July, part of “The IBD and Ostomy Support Show” #bagroulette I am trying out samples for my Urostomy.

Within 3 days I received samples from Securicare. I have heard great things regarding their Urostomy pouches and I received the following:

  • Welland Aura Convex Urostomy Sample Maxi Beige pouches     
  • Welland Night Drainage Bag with Easiflo

Also, I was very grateful that they sent me a sample of their Welland night bag. I was concerned if an adapter would be included with the pouches. I was really happy that they must have thought this through and sent out a brand new try Night Bag to try.


Welland Aura Convex Urostomy Pouch

The Securicare website states:

“The Welland Aura Convex Urostomy Pouch designed to provide support for Urostomates with poorly-sited, recessed or retracted stomas. The unique, skin-friendly Hyperflex hydrocolloid flange contains medical grade Manuka honey, which may help to promote healthy skin around the stoma. It conforms to body shape at body temperature creating a secure seal around the stoma and gentle pressure helps the stoma protrude into the bag to prevent leakage”

Pouch 2

I received 3 samples of this pouch in the usual Aura Welland box. Included in the box were lots of leaflets regarding the pouch, night bag and SecuriCare.

I had wanted to try the Aura convex for a long time and I have been fascinated by the Manuka Honey base plate.  With my Urostomy I have not really had any skin problems which has been a godsend compared to my nightmare of an Ileostomy.

The Aura Convex is also available in a clear pouch as well but I don’t particularly like seeing my urine and will always prefer a fabric cover. You can request samples directly from the Clinimed or SecuriCare website.

I used 3 pouches over 6 days.

Positives of theWelland Aura Convex Urostomy Pouch

  • There is an inspection window of the pouch which is great compared to the Coloplast SenSura Mio
  • Opaque tail which is good for checking the colour of the urine and the amount of mucus in case there is any indication of an infection
  • The pouch is not as bulky as the Coloplast Sensura mio is a similar size to my Ileostomy pouch

Pouch 3

  • The base plate is 22% larger than other Welland pouches and specifically designed to prevent leakage
  • There was no peeling of the base plate and after a bath, the pouch still stayed on strong
  • In the 6 days, I had NO leaks which was amazing.
  • My skin looked quite good after using the pouch and apart from some itchiness on day 2 I was surprised how good my skin looked.

Pouch 20      Pouch 21


  • The bung was quite stiff
  • On the 2nd day only I had incredible itchiness under the base plate and I nearly had to remove the pouch. I persevered and the itchiness did stop and my skin was not red or inflamed.
  • Although the product information states that the pouch is water repellent I did not really find this to be the case compared to the Coloplast Sensura Mio. After the bath, the back of the pouch was extremely wet for hours and very sticky
  • The cloth material broke up a little.
  • This isn’t to do with the pouch and is purely down to cosmetic but as a double bagger, I like my Ileostomy pouches and Urostomy pouches to match. Having the Ileostomy Coloplast SenSura Mio it is an off grey colour and this did not match with the beige Aura pouch

Welland Night Drainage Bag with Easiflo

The Clinimed website states:

“For a restful night’s sleep, the Welland Night Drainage Bag offers a two-litre capacity, enabling less frequent pouch changes and accidental leaking overnight. With an EasifloTM universal connector to maintain the flow of urine, even when twisting and turning at night, Welland Night Drainage Bag is specifically designed to complement the Aura Urostomy range and other Urostomy pouches with a soft tap outlet”

I LOVED this product! At first, it took me ages to realise I had to take the lid off the connector. I was fascinated by the design of the connector and was looking forward to trying it out.

Pouch 9


  • The tap was really easy to release the urine into the toilet and I liked that the tap was situated on one side.
  • The adaptor of the night bag was amazing. I loved that the connector goes a long way into the pouch, much better than any other night bags or adapters I have tried. Due to this, I could not smell any urine while I was lying down at night and this is definitely a big PLUS.

Pouch 11      Pouch 13

  • My pouch always drained the urine and I had no problem with backflow or the urine not going into the night bag


  • I am gutted that my adapter for my Coloplast SenSura Mio Urostomy pouch will not fit on this night bag. I really LOVE this night bag and would love to use this every night but I still overall prefer my Coloplast SenSura pouch and the adaptor for this does not fit securely onto this night bag


Overall, I was not disappointed and I quite liked this pouch.  I managed to last the 6 days testing this product and apart from some itchiness on day 2 the skin under the stoma looked perfect! In my case, I think the manuka honey base plate did help my skin. Even though I quite liked this product I still prefer my Coloplast SenSura Mio Urostomy pouch and I found I can get a few more days out of it. The Welland night bag was amazing and if my adaptor for the Coloplast pouch fitted to the night bag I would be using this today! If you would like to try this pouch out please go onto Clinimed or Securicare to sample this product.This is my first review and I have found it quite hard to write but I hope you have found it helpful

Written by : Rachel Jury

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