Review on How to Order Ostomy Samples

Review on How to Order Ostomy Samples

I am writing this post as part of our theme for the month of July! On “The IBD and Ostomy Support Show” the girls who all have an Ileostomy are taking part in ‘Bag Roulette’ where they send samples of their bags to each other. Unfortunately, I cannot take part due to my Ileostomy prolapse. After trialling many bags and having many leaks I have found the one for me and I do not think it would be a fair review.

So instead, I have ordered 3 pouch samples for my UROSTOMY from 3 different companies. In this post, I will talk about: how to order samples and the positives and negatives I have encountered during the process of requesting samples ONLINE. At the end, I have included a list of stoma companies based in the UK with their address, website and phone number. 

This is the first time I have ordered samples myself using the stoma company websites.  I have had samples of stoma bags before but I usually phone the company and they send them. This time I decided to be computer savvy and do it online! My Urostomy is slightly retracted so my prescription is for convex bags. Therefore I have to order samples for convex bags.

So where did I start?

At the moment, I am using Coloplast Ensure Mio pouches for my Ileostomy and Urostomy with base plate extenders. Regarding the Urostomy I much prefer the base plate stickiness compared to some other bags I have tried. I find that the Urostomy bag is quite big and bulky but I love the design and colour. I decided to type in Google the companies I already knew.

convatec logo rgb blue


Logo 3    Now called     Logo 4

Logo 5 (who own ConvaTec but at the time I t realise this)

new salts logo 5 orig

ConvaTec Website

I never realised how informative this site was. I love the me+ education idea and I have now signed up to this. However, I found there was no easy link on the Home Page to request samples. I even went through all the subheadings but still couldn’t find IT.


In the end, on the home page I clicked on the subheading Products ~ Stoma Care Products ~ Surgery Type ~ Urostomy.

The product information was easy to read and simple with the help of pictures! This showed ALL types including 1 piece and 2 pieces but there were options to just select on that type for a shorter list.

Wrbsite 2

I requested the Urodress One-piece Convex Urostomy Pouch.

I received an email confirmation of my order almost instantly after sending the sample request.

Pelican Website


My distributor for my Coloplast bags at the moment is Respond. Respond is the new brand name for Pelican. However, in Google I typed in Pelican and the Pelican website came up. This is slightly confusing but the Pelican website is still active.  I don’t think many people are aware that Pelican are now called Respond. However, they are great distributors, very friendly and my orders come on time.

Again, I found there was no easy link or subheading on the Home Page for requesting samples. I went through ~ Products ~ Urostomy Pouches ~ Platinum Convex Urostomy Pouch

Website 5

Then on that page, there was a subheading ~ Request a Sample.

I filled in the form with my name, address, stoma type, and size of the stoma (I asked if they could be uncut) I received a confirmation email the same day. Similar to ConvaTec the email did not tell me what I had ordered.

Oakmed Website

Website 6

I have heard amazing things regarding Oakmed Hydrocolloid Soft Convex Urostomy bag so I thought I would try it.

The website was the easiest to request a sample. On the home page straight away there was a box that said Stoma care then Order a Sample. Clicking on this it then went to options of products ~ Urostomy Products ~ Request Samples. I then had a list of Urostomy products.

I found the one I wanted Oakmed Hydrocolloid Soft Convex Urostomy bag and clicked on hole size 25mm. I confirmed the sample and had to type in my postcode and fill in the form. It was very self-explanatory.

I received an email confirmation and my request sample number.

I did look at the other websites but because I only needed 3 samples I decided not to go over the top. I found Salts website was really good and it had a ~ Request a Sample subheading. The Securicare also has this subheading.

So, as a whole the positives and negatives of requesting a sample


  • I could complete the request forms online and I did not have to speak to anybody in person
  • It was quite simple and self-explanatory
  • I think this is a positive that you can only request a sample with the type of bag you have on prescription already. For example, if you are prescribed flat bags you can only request flat bag samples and not convex bags. This is good because convex bags are generally given to resided stomas and you must see your STOMA NURSE to see if this is correct for you. Otherwise if you do not need a convex bag, you could cause your stoma to prolapsed slightly so it is  IMPORTANT that your stoma nurses give you the ok first.


  • The confirmation email would be more helpful if it contained the products I requested. Witing this post I couldn’t quite remember everything I ordered
  • As a ‘Double Bagger’ I found that if I wanted to request samples I would have to place 2 orders my urostomy then Ileostomy. Then I would imagine there may be some confusion as to why I have ordered 2 types as 2 seperate requests
  • I found that with Oakmed the summary of my sample request said ‘Colostomy’ when I icked and choose the ‘Urostomy Pouches’ This happened twice so in the end in the additional comments bit I stated that I have a Urostomy.
  • None of the companies confirm that for a Urostomy if a connector will come with the sample to attach to nightbags. Some companies have their own connector that fit their bag but also any night bag. I prefer to use a nightbag at night with my urostomy because I drink a lot and it allows me not to worry if the bag gets to full in the night.


Overall in the space of half an hour I requested 3 samples from 3 different companies and also looked at other companies. It was simple and self – explanatory.

When I receive the items during the month of July I will be trying them out and giving a review on each product.

Here Is a list of Ostomy supplies with their website, address, email and Telephone number:


Companies 2 

Companies 3 

Companies 5

Companies 7 

Companies 10

Companies 11 

Companies 4

Companies 6 

Companies 8

Companies 9

Written by : Rachel Jury

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