National Carers Week 12-18th June

National Carers Week 12-18th June

I am currently in Bournemouth hospital due to another kidney infection and stricture. Currently waiting for a catheter to be put into Squirt (Urostomy)

While I was waiting I decided to go for a wonder downstairs and walked past a few stands in the main entrance of different organisation and charities for carers and advocacy.

I didn’t realise that this week is NATIONAL CARERS WEEK 12-18th June

I started talking to a lovely lady called Sam who was From Dorset Advocacy about carers week. She explained a bit more to me! 


What is Carers Week?

There are 6.5million people in the UK that are carers and by 2037 it is anticipated that the number of carers will increase to 9 million

Carers week is an annual campaign that raises AWARENESS of caring,  the CHALLENGERS carers face, pointing out what SUPPORT is available and RECOGNISING the contribution they make to families and communities in the UK.

Carers Week Aims

The theme for this year is ‘Carer Friendly Communities” These are places where carers feel supported to look after their family or friends. It is important for carers to

It is important for carers to be seen as people first and Carers second!! Also, this week aims to make sure that carers know what support they are entitled to and that they are valued, respected and recognised as individuals with needs of their own.

What Were the Findings From the Poll?

A public poll was commissioned looking into Care and the public’s views around this. To mark the first day of Carers week, a report of the results was published on Monday 12th June. The full report is here...

The poll was looking at:

  • Public perceptions around how unpaid care is valued by society.
  • Expectations of becoming a carer.
  • What would worry people if they took on a caring role.
  • Where they would go for support.

The results surprised me, and I felt quite sad that 74% of the UK public feel that carers are not valued by society

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The campaign is brought to life by individuals and organisations who come together to organise activities and events throughout the UK.Raising awareness and attention to how important caring is! 

Today the organisations that were at the stall were: - Dorset advocacy, CRISP (Carers Resource Information Support Programme) and Help & Care.

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My Personal Experience of the Help & Care Organisation

Due to living on my own and having my complex medical needs I have been referred to this organisation before and they found I was eligible to apply for funding for direct payment for a carer to come an hour a day. I was very and grateful to get the funding for my carer. It is nice to know that I know somebody will come and check on me every day and can help me decide if I need to go to the hospital at that time. It also puts my families mind at rest since they live in Wales. I don’t know how I would be able to continue to live on my own without this help.

I have so much admiration and respect for people who have to care for friends and family and for that space of time put their life on hold. Through my life, I have had a LOT of people care for me at times and I can never truly express how much gratitude I have for friends and families kindness.

I will leave you with this quote by Giles Meyer, CEO of Carers Trust

“We can’t place enough value on carers. Urgent action is needed by the new government to ensure they are better supported in communities and workplaces, and given the recognition and support they need and deserve.”


Written by : Rachel Jury

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